Ceramics for Show

Marketing Designs


One of the most important ways companies keep their customers and attract new ones is with advertising, and they have many ways to get attention. Some of them pay for online or television advertising, but these are quite expensive. Many companies large and small have found that simply giving away items with their name, logo and contact information can help them get more customers for each bit of money spent. One of the ways they do this is to create marketing designs that will highlight their information while pleasing a great many people.

It might seem a bit pricey to hand out coffee mugs by the dozens, but it is an excellent marketing tool. Every time a customer sees it, it reminds them they might want to think about putting together a purchasing plan. The designs of many mugs are specially made by artists working closely with marketing specialists. Their goal is to ensure the mugs get used on a regular basis so they will function as a reminder to existing customers and a help to get their name in the minds of potential customers.

An attractive logo is only part of what goes into creating a marketing item, and coffee mugs have their own set of issues. They must be a color that will be liked by most people, but that must also fit in well with their logo design. Some companies want their contact information clearly written on the cup, but others believe it will turn potential customers off.

The design decisions that go into creating any marketing item will go through a process that allows marketing specialists, company representatives, and the artists collaborate to figure out what will be the best design possible. While the company does have the final say, the artists and marketing specialists are the ones who generally come up with the winning design to help gather customers through the gift of a beautiful ceramic piece of art.