Ceramics for Show

Decorating Ceramic Mugs


Used as a branding tool for companies or personalized for an individual, ceramic mugs are the perfect gift for a tea or coffee drinker. They come in many sizes and shapes, some of them quite unique, and all of them serve the same function. Ceramic mugs keep beverages warm while allowing the drinker to sip at their leisure and enjoy their drink. While the use for these vessels is more or less the same, the options for decorating them vary widely.

Large batches of ceramic mugs can be fired in commercial kilns without any decoration. These mugs are ordered by companies and organizations that have ceramic decals or ceramic transfers applied with their name and logo or advertisement. The mugs are then used as promotional gifts for movies and special events or sold through commercial outlets. They can be collected or given as gifts to loved ones. There are companies that continually change their ceramic mug designs. It helps spread their brand and makes them a collectible item.

As a gift, ceramic mugs have a lot of potential. Personalizing these everyday items is easier than ever with today’s technology. Ceramic transfers can be custom designed and ordered with a personalized message or photo. Computer graphics programs allow users to upload photos, write messages or combine the two for a highly personal design. Once the design is applied to the mug, it has become a one-of-a-kind gift item. These gifts are highly prized by the recipients and quickly become a favorite for everyday use.

Small companies and civic organizations also use decals for coffee mugs. The company logo on a mug that is given to employees helps promote company loyalty. Favored customers are also given these branded items. If used on a regular basis, the customer will remember the company when it is time to order the particular product that company sells. Civic organizations use ceramics mugs in the same fashion as small businesses. It is a convenient way to remind people of a charity or special cause within the community. These mugs are also used as a thank you gift for those who have donated time and money to a favorite charity.