Ceramics for Show

Beautiful Floral Displays


Almost any room in the home or workplace can be enhanced with flowers, and it is an art form in itself to create beautiful floral displays. Learning how to put together several different plants to create a harmony of colour and shape takes an artistic eye. Some people study it in school, but others have a natural talent. One component often forgotten by those not professionally trained is that the vase is an important part of the display. For those who want to learn more about displaying flowers, learning more about ceramic vases could be a good path.

The balance of flowers to greenery is often important when setting up a display, but that is not the only dimension that should be measured. The vase should have colours that match or complement whatever will go into it, and it should be in harmony with the finished piece. A group of pastel flowers would look better in a vase with bright or bold colours, but robust hues in the greenery could require a muted or matte finish in the vase.

Some displays are tall, and they may get their height from stems or the vase. If a table where people will walk past or sit to dine is the ultimate placement, a shorter vase and stems is for the best. Flowers should be slightly below eye level on a table where people will dine so they can converse with each other as the meal progresses. A beautiful spray of lilies or other tall flowers should be on a side table, in a small niche, or they could be on the floor where people enter the building.

There are many considerations when decoration is the goal, and flowers are one component that should not be overwhelming unless a showing of them is the goal. They should enhance their surroundings without taking centre stage, and they should be enjoyed by being present without seeming to drag the eyes and mind from the other beautiful components of decoration in the area.